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Current issue – 02/2024

Closing the loop for AI-ready radiology

Fuchs M, Gonzalez C, Frisch Y et al.

In recent years, AI has made significant advancements in medical diagnosis and prognosis. However, the incorporation of AI into clinical practice is still challenging and under-appreciated. We aim to demonstrate a possible vertical integration approach to close the loop for AI-ready radiology.




Spontaneous retroperitoneal and rectus sheath hematomas and their interventional therapy: a review

Becker LS, Dewald CLA, Wacker FK et al.

Retroperitoneal and rectus sheath hemorrhage (RRSH) has been described as a potentially fatal condition with mortality rates of up to 30 % due to the risk of exsanguination in combination with often nonspecific clinical symptoms. Patients at risk are > 65 years of age as well as those receiving anticoagulation/antiplatelet medicine. Classifications based on etiology consist of trauma, surgery, and/or underlying vascular pathologies, though spontaneous occurrences without precipitating factors have been reported and are expected to increase with the high number of patients undergoing anticoagulant therapy.



Management of congenital urogenital and perineal vascular malformations: correlation of clinical findings with diagnostic imaging for treatment decision

Grill N, Struebing F, Weiss C et al.

This article aims at analyzing clinical and diagnostic findings in rare urogenital and perineal vascular malformations only occurring in 2–3 % of vascular anomalies with regard to clinical symptoms and treatment decisions.