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Current issue – 05/2024

Ultrasound in sports traumatology

Lerchbaumer MH, Perschk M, Gwinner C

Ultrasound (US) has numerous applications in sports traumatology. The technical progress of mobile US devices has led to increasing use of ultrasound as a primary diagnostic tool. New applications such as elastography and 3D vascularization are used for special indications.






Acute abdomen in pediatric radiology

Lochbühler N, Bölle P, Müller-Abt P

Imaging is a common part of the workup for acute abdomen in childhood and adolescence. Rapid diagnosis is crucial for adequate therapy, especially in young children. This review is intended to provide an overview of the typical causes of acute abdomen in children and adolescents and is specifically aimed at radiologists who do not regularly work in pediatric radiology.





Segmental quantification of hepatic lipid content based on volumetric MRI data in patients with suspected iron overload

Wunderlich AP, Cario H, Kannengießer S et al.

Purpose of this study was to investigate the segmental distribution of hepatic fat fraction, determined with MRI (MR proton density fat fraction, short MR-PDFF) in patients suspected of having liver iron overload. The liver of 44 patients was examined with MRI using a 3D multi-echo gradient-echo sequence was segmented semiautomatically and subdivided into nine segments (segment 4 divided in 4a and 4b). Segmental fat content was determined on MR-PDFF maps.Whole-liver steatosis grades were compared to those found in individual segments. Segmental MR-PDFF differences were tested for statistical significance.